Strength and Conditioning Classes Build Single Leg Strength

A strength and conditioning student performs a safety bar split squat.

In almost all movements that occur in sports and life, the movement is initiated on one leg. Think of sprinting around the corner of a track, closing ground to make a tackle, or elevating above the rim in basketball. These movements are all occurring on one leg at a time. With this in mind, one of the major focuses of our high school strength and conditioning classes has been building our unilateral strength. Through the use movements such as reverse lunges, skater squats, and single leg box squats, Central Decatur athletes and all students have improved their unilateral strength to better be able to compete!

While bilateral (both legs) lower body movements are still used in the weight room, we have diversified our movement to better prepare our athletes for what the demands of sport and life are – one leg at a time!