About Us


Welcome to the Central Decatur Community family. Central Decatur is a great place to grow! Our district is proud to be a positive environment with trauma informed staff who use research-based and field-tested strategies for reaching students. Our district-wide commitment to a positive learning environment is reflected in our RED (respectful, excellent and dedicated) Way culture which is reinforced through our positive behavior rewards and incentives. Our commitment to a safe learning environment also includes a staff that is fully certified in CPR. 

Welcome to Central Decatur from Donovan Group LLC on Vimeo.

Our committed staff is evidenced in the many years of devotion to our district. Our administration team has accumulated more than 30 years of Central Decatur service. Twenty-three teachers have been with our district for more than 15 years. Low staff turnover creates our culture of family based on a dedication to our school community. This dedication has grown Central Decatur’s commitment to improving our district through student opportunities. 

CD continues to show a steady enrollment of more than 700 students each year. Our students graduate at rates above 98%. We have an excellent education system with an outstanding staff committed to both student and professional growth.  Our district is devoted to providing our students every possible opportunity. Our rural location affords us many agricultural and vocational opportunities. We may be a rural school, but our district strives to provide our students with access to technology use and exploration. 

District Mission

Linking learning to life by empowering every student every day to be respectful, excellent, and dedicated.

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