Enrollment & Registration

E-Registration for 2024-2025

2024-2025 Creating Parent/Guardian Access in PowerSchool

Dear Parent/Guardian,              

Welcome to the PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal, our student, teacher, parent information system. The registration process requires the creation of a parent/guardian account in PowerSchool. Each parent/guardian will need an account to access your student’s information. If you are new the to district you will need to preregister first at this site:

New Student Pre-Registration

Once you have a PowerSchool account, use the Access ID and Password that was emailed to you from the pre-registration.  Click the Student tab and click Add to link the student to your account.

In order to create a parent account, you will need to go to the PowerSchool login page:


  1. Click the Create Account tab
  2. Click Create Account
  3. Enter your name and an e-mail address –The e-mail address MUST be unique. If Parent/Guardians share the same email address, you should only set up one PowerSchool account.
  4. Username – Avoid spaces, apostrophes, and other special characters (ex. /,*,&,#,@)
  1. Password – Avoid spaces and apostrophes.  Enter a password that is at least eight characters.
  2. Enter the Name of each of your students to the right of “Student name”.
  3. Enter the Access ID and Access Password for each student found at the bottom of email.
  1. If there are multiple children enrolling, create one parent account and enter access information for all students
  2. One email will be received per student with access information at the bottom of the message
  3. Select your relationship to the student.  For example, I am the ____ of the student.
  1. Click Enter when you have completed this information for all of your students.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation message when your account has been successfully created.

Options for Registration

 Option 1PowerSchool Public PortalFollow http://centraldecatur.powerschool.comLog in to PowerSchool by entering the username and password that you created. Click Forms in the left navigation column to complete this year’s registration forms.

 Option 2PowerSchool AppDownload the PowerSchool App on a mobile device and enter this code to connect to our PowerSchool: RNQH Touch More in the lower-right corner.  Touch Forms to complete this year’s registration forms. Choose Enrollment from the drop down list.

Registration will need to be completed separately for all students. After accessing PowerSchool from the Public Portal or from the App, accessing the “Forms” options will allow you to complete the registration process for each student. Then, click the next student’s name in the top left corner (in the top right on the PowerSchool application) to complete registration forms for the next student.

Student forms included in this year’s registration process include

  1. Student Demographics
  2. Student Address
  3. Student Contacts
  4. Health Information
  5. Health Authorizations
  6. Acknowledgement of Completion

Once you complete your last form, click forms to return to the forms homepage. If all forms show submitted, your registration process is complete. Finally, you need to pay the appropriate fees. 

To pay online and create a EZSchoolPay account:  

Each student is required to pay a Book Rental fee in the amount of $45 with a Family Max of $120. High School students will owe $5 class dues. Incoming 7th grade students and all new middle school or high school students will owe a $35 laptop deposit.

1. If you would like to pay these fees online go to EZSchoolPay.   Either log in to your existing account or register as a new user. You will need each student’s ID number. This can be found in your parent portal in Other Information in the left hand navigation bar.

Registration FAQs

This process will reduce or eliminate the paper forms required to be filled out.


Registration Information

Nutrition Services

Health Forms and Information

Athletic Forms