Creative Teaching Through COVID Times

Have you heard of the sub shortage in schools? While CD would gladly take applications for more subs, we are employing a variety of options to ensure student learning is not disrupted as we navigate many illnesses among our middle school and high school staff.

As Mrs. Pedersen recovers from surgery at home, Mr. Pedersen didn’t want to take the risk of bringing Covid (or another illness) home, so this week he has been teaching from home. Chemistry students participated in a lab that Mr. Pedersen directed from home. Today, they are writing notes from their lab; and, in the video, Mr. Pedersen is facilitating a class discussion over transforming energy into something we can use.

Through Google Meet, students can see Mr. Pedersen and any information he presents. Mr. Pedersen can see students and participate like he is in the actual classroom. He has been meeting with all classes throughout the day this week. He also posts materials and assignments to Classroom for students to access.
Did you know that students who are at home due to quarantine or sickness can also Google Meet with classes? Students are able to meet virtually so they do not miss instruction while home. Students can also reach out to each teachers’ Google Classroom to access work that has been assigned to them.