Fifth and Sixth Graders Celebrate RED Way Behavior

Fifth and sixth graders recently took a pause from afternoon classes to celebrate RED Way behavior. Their February incentive included a choice of either a dodgeball tournament or a canvas painting session. The afternoon was made possible with the help of many staff members.

Painting with mara 2
Painting with mara 1
Above Mara Dykes ’22, assists students as they paint frogs on canvas. Below, Mara models background painting for students.

Mara Dykes ’22, led the painting session teaching students how to create their very own frog portrait. Mara provided careful and organized instruction while making the afternoon fun and creative. Thank you to Mara and Mrs. Julie Pedersen, high school art teacher, for the preparation work and delivery of an awesome event for students who chose to paint.

Aubree frog
Karizma frog
Aubree Surber ’28 (above) and Karizma Overhake ’29(below) show their frog canvas paintings.

Students who chose an afternoon of competition entered an eight team double elimination dodgeball tournament. Thanks to Mr. Zach Clark who helped ready the gym for the tournament. Thank you to Mr. Ben Stoner, elementary PE, and Mr. Kyle Dell, MS/HS PE, for officiating and keeping the tournament moving. The tournament ran smoothly because of their RED Way help and leadership!

Dodgeball 1
The Underdodges team works an attack in tournament dodgeball play.
Dodgeball fans
Students root for other teams while they await their turn on the dodgeball floor.

The champions of the tournament were awarded a bonus match against a team of CD staff members. The match was close and hard fought, but the teachers prevailed in the end. The fifth/sixth grade teacher team appreciates the help of additional staff team members including Mrs. Amy Whittington, Mrs. Debbie Morgan, Mr. Curtis Boothe, and Mr. Calieb Kistler whose help secured the win for the teacher team.

Dodgeball champs 22
The 2022 Dodgeball Champions – The Goody Goats

Final Dodgeball Team Standings:


The afternoon ended with a chocolate chip cookie provided by the CD kitchen. The snack was a delicious way to end a fun afternoon. Thank you to Joy Evertsen and staff for their work in making this snack possible.

Dodgeballers enjoy a fun match between tournament games.
The PainTrain shows their dodgeball offense above and below.