North Elementary PE Students Run the Mile

Each year students at North Elementary prepare and run the mile run at the end of October and early November. This fall, we have been blessed with fantastic weather for both practicing and completing the mile run. The students in 3rd grade get their first crack at the mile run in the fall and are normally nervous about it throughout the fall. Most of the students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade will assure the younger students that once you are done with the mile run you feel great about the accomplishment!

Mile Run Stretching
Stretching before the mile run.

Students are coached through the mental aspect of running as well as the physical side of things. We have had a number of Elementary students who would not consider themselves to be runners, turn out to really enjoy the sport of long distance running. In fact, we have had numerous runners from the High School Cross Country teams who have qualified for the State meet the last two seasons who began their long distance running careers on the new track at Central Decatur. The mile run is a test designed to test the cardiovascular endurance of our students. It is incredible to see the results of the hard work pay off on Mile Run Day. The students check into their IHT Heart Rate monitors, do a light and fast warm-up and then complete 4 laps as quickly as they can while jogging. Central Decatur Students can be proud of their accomplishments while preparing for and completing the mile run at the Elementary level.

End of Mile Run
Student runners rest after finishing the mile.