Never Back Down! Never WHAT?

NEVER GIVE UP! This year’s Homecoming theme inspired students to show their school pride and class spirit. Classes worked hard throughout the week on four separate projects: Create-a-Cardinal, Hype Video, Spirit Board, and a fourth category in which students chose how to get involved. This fourth category included door decorations, locker decorations, and sidewalk chalk. On Friday, classes competed in the annual Spirit Games including dodgeball, eating contest (only the sophomores were able to keep it down), relay, pyramid, and tug of war. New this year were Ultimate Frisbee and a Free Throw Contest. Students also participated in dress-up days including Class Color, ‘Merica, Rhyme without Reason, Barbie and Ken, and of course, School Spirit. After all was said and done and with amazing competition from all the classes, the juniors walked away with the illustrious Spirit Stick.