The RED Way

Our Mission

Linking learning to life by empowering every student every day to be respectful, excellent, and dedicated.


  • We believe students excel in a safe, nurturing and positive environment.
  • We believe in and respect every individual, teaching and motivating them to become lifelong learners and leaders.


  • We believe in providing rigorous and relevant learning experiences for EVERY student.
  • We believe in the importance of creating students that are critical thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators and engaged students.


  • We believe in a culture of continuous improvement where all students can and shall learn.
  • We believe in the shared responsibility and partnerships of students, staff, parents and community to ensure every student’s success.

The RED Way is more than a code of conduct. It is the trust we empower in our students to make each day an opportunity to make the best choices. We believe in respect, excellence in lifelong learning, and dedication toward success. The Red Way is a partnership between our parents, community, and staff. Together, we are Central Decatur.


PBIS is a data-driven, school-wide system that helps staff to create consistent, clear, and achievable school-wide behavioral and character expectations for all students. Schools effectively implementing PBIS have been shown to improve the following:

  1. An increase in positive school climate and culture
  2. A decrease in bullying and inappropriate behaviors
  3. A decrease in administrative disciplinary referrals provides general information about Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. PBIS is supported by the U.S. Department of Education.

Iowa Department of Education – Learner Supports PBIS Website provides statewide information on districts and recognition levels for schools. Currently, over 550 schools and 107 districts use PBIS in Iowa.

Iowa Department of Education – Learner Supports MTSS Website provides statewide information on how Iowa is implementing MTSS statewide.

PBIS Rewards Student Portal Login

How to check your student’s PBIS Red Way Points:


The BIST acronym stands for Behavior Intervention Support Team. BIST mission is to help teachers, administration, parents and students learn techniques to effect positive change and create a healthy learning environment for all. BIST wants to build communities where youth and young adults have the hope, skills, and opportunities to live and learn safely and successfully. BIST supports empowers educators and parents with resources and understanding they need to partner with students and families to help them develop emotional awareness and positive coping skills so they can live safe, productive and nonviolent lives. The BIST model provides what students need to live and learn safely and successfully through early intervention, caring confrontation, protective plan, outlasting relationships. 

The BIST concepts used within our classrooms and school may include buddy room, class meeting, goal setting, processing, replacement skill, safe seat, target behavior sheet, think sheet, and triage. These are all strategies that are available to help students process behavior and emotions. For example: The classroom safe seat is a seat in the classroom away from other students to help a student regroup, process with an adult, then rejoin the class. Teachers have these strategies available to use when needed. 

Why BIST? BIST provides predictability and consistency to support a student’s success in the classroom. By committing to being a BIST school we are committing to partnering with you and your child to ensure everyone has tools to support and help your child be successful. For more information about BIST please visit: