What We Do

The Central Decatur CSD Technology Department is responsible for maintaining an evolving innovative environment within our schools by providing routine maintenance, repairs and ensuring we have the required infrastructure to support teaching and learning.

The Central Decatur Technology Department helps maintain a safe and ethical digital environment where our learning community can develop and reinforce the critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication skills needed for life-long learners.

We currently utilize a wide range of technology throughout the district. From computers, printers, 3d printers, CAD design, computer assisted metal cutting, multi-touch SMART boards, and others. We also employ software based technology such as video production, photo manipulation, production software (word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets). 

The Central Decatur CSD has been using Google Workspace for Education, in some part, since 2011. Google Workspace for Education gives teachers the freedom to spend more time personalizing the learning experience, and less time managing it. Students learn 21st-century problem-solving and collaboration skills they’ll use in the rest of their education as well as in their future careers, with accessibility features that help every student achieve at the highest level. Many of our staff are Google Workspace for Education certified educators so our students are learning the best and safest ways to use Google Workspace for Education.


We take the safety of our students very seriously. Although we understand that no on-line safety program can protect our students 100% of the time, our chosen software solutions along with adult supervision works extremely well. We have a content filter that blocks websites that may contain content that is obscene or harmful to children. We also employ a service that will scan all student email messages as well as stored documents in their Google drives for references to bullying, self harm, suicide, child pornography, and others. These alerts come from real live people (not software robots) and all alerts are reviewed and acted on by our staff.

1:1 Program

While all of our students have access to devices throughout the school day, CD students in grades 7-12 have devices assigned to them that they are allowed to take home and use them for school purposes whenever needed. This along with their Google Workspace for Education account give them most of the tools that they need to learn in the 21st century.

Additional Informational Documents

1:1 Program FAQ
Student/Parent Laptop Computer User Agreement