Guest Artist Doug Kouba Visits CD Art Class

Pictured above (L-R): DeLaney Brown ’24, Mr. Doug Kouba, and Izzy Triggs ’24

CD students were excited to have a former CD art teacher as a guest artist in Mrs. Julie Pedersen’s high school art room.  On Wednesday, April 7,  Mr. Doug Kouba demonstrated how to throw a cylinder on the pottery wheel. 

Doug Kouba and Delaney Brown

Mr. Kouba guides DeLaney Brown ’24 as she creates a cylinder.

Mr. Kouba will spend several days engaging with students, working one-on-one with individuals to talk them through throwing a cylinder.  With his help, students are successful every year! 

Doug Kouba and Julisa

Julisa Suazo ’23, receives instruction from Mr. Kouba last year during art class.

Mr. Kouba has been visiting the high school art room during our clay unit in our Drawing and Ceramics class for the last four or five years, except during the pandemic.  Thank you for working with our CDHS art students during part of their clay unit! 

Delaney Pottery

Delaney Brown ’24 continues working on her pottery project.