PE Students Monitor Heart Rates to Set Goals

During the Fall of 2021 Central Decatur began to implement the use of Heart Rate Monitors for each student in North Elementary. Due to a generous grant funding from the ROCCS foundation, Central Decatur was able to acquire two sets of 28 monitors (One set for elementary and one set for the secondary). Students have quickly learned to find and check in their own heart rate monitor at the beginning of class. The monitors are from a company named IHT who specialize in school heart rate monitors. Students are able to get a real time heart rate in beats per minute as well as see a color change when their own activity level increases. Each of the three colors (blue/yellow/red) represent a different level of heart rate intensity. Our students have a goal to stay in the yellow(moderate intensity) for over half of their PE class time. The monitors can even work away from wi-fi when the students have physical education class on the football field and track. As the year goes one, students will dive into lessens that focus on how the strengthening the heart and physical activity go hand in hand!