Teachers Work as Lead Learners Through Cluster and PD

Each week, all teachers participate in one hour of professional development (PD). Each day a content area or grade level group of teachers meets to learn and improve their craft in what we call “cluster.” 

This school year elementary teachers are participating in LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) training to build on their literacy knowledge and professional practice.Teachers will gain the essential skills to master the fundamentals of literacy instruction to apply to classroom learning. This training will be supported by our literacy consultants within the Green Hills AEA. There are also designated professional development days throughout the school year that will have a continued focus on LETRS training.

Cluster for sixth through twelfth grade teachers has been focused on the first Professional Learning Community Question, “What do we want all students to know and be able to do?” Teachers have been working to identify and communicate daily objectives with students while considering how rigorous our expectations are and how we can have students take ownership of the learning for the day.

The work teachers are doing each week is a part of the district’s vision that we maintain a culture of continuous improvement for our teachers as lifelong learners. And, our focus thus far in Cluster is helping us ensure that we provide rigorous and relevant learning experiences for all students. 

Lead Team members help design PD delivered in these weekly Cluster meetings and our full-day PD days. In addition to regular PD, the high school is participating in the AEA’s Opportunity Myth, learning more about accelerating student learning with just-in-time supports for learning.