Central Decatur Dance Competes at State

The Central Decatur Dance Team recently performed at the 2021-22 State Dance Competition. They took a hip-hop┬ároutine and pom routine both choreographed by coach Chelsie Christensen. They also took a Prop routine, which was something new to try for the whole team choreographed by team member Lauren Martin. Prop brought home a division 1 rating, this was exciting being the first year taking a dance in this category. Soloists this year included Lauren Martin, Logan Proctor, and Hadley Bell. Although it wasn’t the outcome they had hoped for it was a great experience especially for the new members on the team.


Distinguished Academic Award (3.5+ GPA)

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (top ranked out of 120 teams) with a team GPA of 3/94.

Prop Performance – Division I