Middle School PE Brushes Up on Teamwork with Broomball Skills

In middle school PE this week, students are working on their skills in the game of Broomball. Broomball is a game very similar to hockey that can be played both indoors and outdoors. Broomball can be played on skates or on feet. It is a great option to work to improve hand-eye coordination. Students also must utilize teamwork in order to pass and receive the ball from their teammates. On the first day of Broomball, students worked on dribbling the ball under control and then shooting off of a pass from a teammate. 

The warm-up activity for Broomball was Partner Reactions. Students assume a variety of different positions and then react to partner movement or an auditory stimulus such as a whistle or a clap. They must try and reach the other side before being tagged by their partner. This is a quick and easy way to improve students ability to react and accelerate, key qualities in any sport or activity they may play and key elements of living an active life throughout the lifespan.

MS PE Broomball Warm Ups