GRM Networks Awards $10,000 to Central Trail FFA Chapter

Agriculture students have the opportunity to learn about cooperatives through an Agriculture Business course offered through the agriculture program, but also put the concept of a cooperative to work as they complete many projects in our program.  We have many plans for the money graciously donated by GRM Networks including; establishing a fruit orchard, expansion of our feeder calf project, making some needed updates to the Central Decatur Greenhouse, and the Senior Agriculture Class will utilize a small portion to make improvements at the Decatur County Fairgrounds and the SCIT Theater.  We incredibly appreciate GRM Networks and Mr. Kyle Kelso for providing our chapter and agriculture program with the opportunities for this expansion through their generosity.

GRM’ Network’s press release follows:

GRM Networks’ Board of Directors awarded $10,000 to the Central Trail FFA Chapter to promote education about cooperatives. The award was funded by unclaimed capital credits of former GRM Networks cooperative members from Iowa.

According to Iowa law, GRM Networks may donate the unclaimed capital credits back to the communities in which those residents lived. The unclaimed capital credits may be used for teaching or promoting cooperatives through education.
“Cooperatives have existed for more than 200 years,” said Mitchell Bailey, CEO of GRM Networks.

“Their longevity demonstrates their importance and the vital role they play in society. It is important to invest in our future. Through this monetary award, our next generation will develop cooperative-minded projects that provide hands-on learning, enabling them to observe the cooperative structure and experience the economic and social benefits cooperatives provide. We look forward to seeing the projects the Central Trail FFA students develop.”

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