Graceland Ag Business Students Present Plant Lesson to Fifth Graders

Graceland University Agriculture Business students presented a plant lesson to CD fifth graders. Students explored the following list of questions:

How do plants grow? 
What makes plants green? 
What are the parts of a plant? 
What is chlorophyll? 

Fifth graders act like plants
Fifth grade students act out the functions of plant parts.
Gu ag bus plants asher
Kynzer Norman ’28 is excited to post his answers on the board.

The lesson explored the six Fs of agriculture: farming, food, fishing, fiber, forestry and flowers. Flowers were the focus of the hands-on portion of the lesson as each student repotted a marigold spout. The marigold will be grown at school, then passed to someone special during the month of May.

6 Fs of Farming
The Six Fs of Agriculture

Many thanks are extended to the Graceland Agriculture Business professor Max Pitt and student leader Cydney Stables for their work in presenting an interactive and engaging activity for students. Their team even included Central Decatur alum Isaac Hall ’20!

Isaac gu ag bus
Isaac Hall ’20, a current agriculture business student at Graceland, distributes materials during the plant lesson.

Graceland’s generosity in providing each student a marigold is also appreciated. The help of CD high school ag students and their teacher Ms. Sondag was also key in making the activity a seamless experience.

Hs ag student helpers
CD high school agriculture students assist with preparing plant materials. Pictured (l to R): Haley Oesch ’24, Riley Yoder ’24, Mikayla Morgan ’24, and Apen Eslick ’23.
Repot plants
Kimber Leahy ’28 finishes her repotted marigold with her name.


Marigolds are ready to grow into special gifts to be distributed during the month of May.