CD Welcomes New MSHS Science Teacher, Dorota Bear

Story submitted by Dorota Bear, MSHS Science Teacher

Are we really in week three of the new school year? Oh, yes and I am so excited to be part of the Central Decatur community. My name is Dorota Bear and I teach middle and high school science. This year I have the privilege to teach 8th grade, Chemistry and General Science. I have been a science teacher for 14 years now, and have learned along the way that having high expectations for all students plays a big role in setting up a positive classroom environment.

Thus far science students have been learning about classroom expectations, and currently each group is working on setting up expectations on how to have positive and productive group work. Following that we will learn how to stay safe in the science classroom. As we get to know each other we are able to find a few minutes every day to participate in a whole group “brain breaks”. These breaks not only give us a moment to have some fun, but it also teaches the students on how to treat each other during non structured fun moments. We have played games such as; Would you Rather, Family Feud, Electricity and Cups. As students learn classroom expectations and have had the chance to practice those, we are going to move on to more science centered group work and labs. I am looking forward to a great year and teaching your students not only science but other social skills.