English III Students Political Image Gallery Project

English III students were asked to research three political images that speak to them around one common subject. Students had to prepare a script to accompany the images. They had to talk about the event, and then tell how the three pictures work together to tell a story. While creating their slideshows, students had to consider the following questions:

  • Why is or was the person or even important?
  • What are you trying to show your audience about the perspectives that people had or have of the person or event?
  • How does the image reflect attitudes, not to just preserve a moment in time?

Students also had to choose a logical sequence for their slides, either chronological, or least shocking to most shocking, etc., choose what they were going to say about each image; and to give credit to the photographer. This was a way for students to practice their public speaking while presenting their slideshow, which is a Common Core Standard.