Central Trail FFA Hosts the 2023 Decatur County Open Calf Show

Story Submitted by Adeline Stone ’25 and Jamie Oesch ’24

The Central Trail FFA hosted the Decatur County Open Calf Show on Sunday, April 23rd. We had 72 animals shown in total, with 45 breeding heifers and 27 market steers, which was a great turnout. We would like to make a special thank you to Mike Craig and Darci Buckingham of the Leon Rodeo Committee, Decatur County Fairboard, Jack Van Laar, and Whitey Brines. This show was successful with all of your help! Thank you to our Judges this year Kash Butler and Kord Butler. 

The Breeding Heifer division winners are: 

Angus Champion – Eli Palmer

Charolais Champion – Logan Tibken

Charolais Percentage Champion – Abree Belcher

Chianina Champion – Skyler Coffey

Polled Hereford Champion – Lanie Mallett

Horned Hereford Champion – Hunter Kress

Limousin Champion – Allison Leonard

Lim-Flex Champion – Kyle Linhart

Maintainer Champion – Skylar Coffey (pictured above)

High % Maine Champion – Madison McCullough

Miniature Hereford Champion – Polled and Horned – Rylie Weyhrich

Red Angus Champion – Elise Salton

Foundation Simmental Champion – Maddox England

High % Simmental Champion – McKenna Sonntag

Short Horn Champion – Kinsley Knutstrom

Commercial Heifer Champion – Drew McCullough

The Top Five Breeding Heifers are Skylar Coffey (Maintainer), Drew McCullough (Commercial), Madison McCullough (High % Maintainer), Kyle Linhart (Lim-Flex), and Maddox England (Foundation Simmental). 

The Market Animal division winners are:
Crossbred Market Heifer Champion – Macey Gruhn

Charolais Champion – Dalton Lukavsky

Chianina Champion – Taylor Gibson

Limousin Champion – Allison Leonard

Maintainer Champion – Haidyn Suhr

Miniature Hereford- Polled and Horned Champion – Hunter Kress

Shorthorn Champion – Rylan Oglesbee

Shorthorn Plus Champion – Adaline Gade

High % Simmental – Rylie Steffes

Market Champion

Crossbred Market Steer Champion – Chase Rozenboom

The Top Five Market Animals are Chase Rozenboom (Crossbred Market Steer), Drew Jacobsen (Crossbred Steer), Chase Rozenboom(Chianina), Macey Gruhn (Crossbred Market Heifer), and Dalton Lukavsky (Charolais).

The Grand Champion and Reserve for breeding and market received buckles. We had a cash payout for all classes, as well as the top 5 classes. Winning our Senior Showmanship was Rylee Steffes and Abree Belcher took second. For the Junior Showmanship Ashton Conover received first, with Leighton Wailes taking second. 

Thank you to our sponsors Grand River Cattle Company of Grand River IA, CTI Marketing of Leon IA, Hullinger Farms of Leon IA, Decatur County Cattlemen’s of Decatur County, Smith Feeder supply of Leon IA, Petty Cattle of Leon IA, Jim Scott Family Farms of Lamoni IA, Lamoni Livestock of Lamoni IA, and L & L Farms of Leon IA. Thank you to everyone that helped make this show possible, yet again.