Hospitality and Food Management Students Cater All Music Night Meal

In years past, with the assistance of Joy Evertsen, former Nutrition Director, the Hospitality and Food Management class assisted in preparing the meal for the All Music Night fundraiser. With the support of Mrs. Bell and Amanda Kelley, current Nutrition Director, this year the students were given the opportunity to take leadership for the entire meal from cooking and shredding 96 lbs of chicken to partnering with the Culinary Arts class to prepare 25 dozen dinner rolls to full service at the event and clean up. Prior to the event, the class researched and tested the dinner roll and chicken and noodles recipes, evaluated them and modified them to serve the large crowd expected for this event. The objective for this class is to give students authentic work experiences in operating a small business in general and the food industry overall. This course is open to juniors and seniors at Central Decatur.

Foods catering 2
Foods catering 1