School Resource Officer Challenges Art Students to Design Emblem

The School Resource Officer partnered with the art department to hold a contest for a new patch design.  The new emblem will be displayed on his uniform and his car.  Mrs. Pedersen’s Art 1: Intro to Art class had just finished up their graphic design unit so it was a good opportunity to use their new knowledge and skills for this contest.  The contest was open to Art 1 and Art 5.  

Emmanuel Cooper placed 1st.  DeLaney Brown placed 2nd and Riley Benda placed 3rd.  Actually, favorite parts of all three of their designs will be combined to create the final one.  

Way to go students!

Pictured above Left to Right: SRO Shaun Kloster, Manny Cooper ’27, Delaney Brown ’24, and Riley Benda ’27.