Sixth Grade Science: Light and One-Way Mirrors

The sixth graders have been hard at work learning about light and one-way mirrors in science. In class, they’ve done many group experiments and observations to learn about how light affects a one-way mirror. They were asked to find phenomena in their everyday lives that are similar to the one-way mirror. Many students saw how their sunglasses or glasses acted like a one-way mirror in certain light. Others mentioned how Shelly’s Short Stop used windows that worked like a one-way mirror — one side reflects light, while the other side transmits light.

“We’ve learned about how much light transmits and reflects in a one-way mirror and how your eyes see things. We’ve done box models with a one-way mirror in the middle. Then we turn a light on in Room A so it’s bright on one side and dark on the other side in Room B. We also changed the material in the middle to see what materials reflect and transmit light. We’ve also used a light meter to measure how much light is reflected and transmitted. I’ve enjoyed learning about how the one-way mirror works.”

Kinlee Allen ’29

After taking a brief pause on their study of light and one-way mirrors for School of the Wild, the students are jumping right back in to finish up the unit. They will conduct one more experiment in the next week or two and use diagrams and words to explain what they’ve learned. The sixth graders are excited to wrap up their first unit and see what the next unit has in store for them.

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