Radium Girls Rehearsal Returns Excellent Reviews

The Friday morning dress rehearsal for this year’s spring play, Radium Girls, was a success. Fifth and sixth grade students served as audience for the rehearsal and Cierra (Clark) Fountain ’15, director, and the student cast and crew put on a great show. They look forward to sharing this historical drama with the community this Friday and Saturday evening, as well as in a Sunday matinee. Check here for show details and ticket purchasing.

I thought it was an amazing show. They did an excellent job of never breaking character!

Piper Helton ’28

I liked how it showed life from the 1920’s. They did a good job showing us about all of that dangerous radium work.

Aubree Surber ’28

It was a really good play. They all did a great acting.

Tiras Norman ’28
Radium girls q and a
The cast and crew also provided a question and answer session following the performance.