Culinary Arts at Central Decatur: 2021-22 Year in Review

In the past year, 171 students have participated in Culinary Arts classes at Central Decatur. Ranging from an exploratory course for all 8th grade students, an introduction to basic cooking skills in Foods 1, learning about nutrition in Food and Nutrition, to advanced baking and cooking skills in Culinary Arts and managing a food business in Business Culinary Arts, students are engaged daily in hands on learning. In addition, students work to build employability skills, communication, leadership and teamwork.

A glimpse into the daily life of the classroom includes:

Addy brown cullinary

Strawberry Shortcake made from scratch by Exploratory

Peppers cullinary

Preparing stir fry for the Take and Bake project in Business Culinary Arts

Cake cullinary

Creating a completely from scratch cake in Culinary Arts

Food truck cullinary
Food Truck Wars in Foods 1
Crop of the month
Making smoothies with 4th-6th grade students for Food and Nutrition