South Central CDE Day

Story Submitted by Lexi Jensen ’23

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, Central Decatur agriculture students participated in the South Central CDE Day in Osceola, Iowa. There were a total of 1,462 agricultural student participants. Congratulations to the following Central Decatur students:

Advanced Horse Judging

3rd Place Team: Cutter Frisbie, Cooper Horton, Payton Bragg, Morgan Buckingham

5th Place Team: Bianca Swartz, Mason Allen, Gus Oesch, Matthew Foltz 

Cutter Frisbie – 7th High Individual

Mason Allen – 10th High Individual

Novice Horse Judging

9th Place Team: Angel Keeney, Krey Hunt, Riley Yoder, Riley Benda 

Angel Keeney – 8th High Individual

Advanced Livestock

Grant Boyd – 25th High Individual

Kyle Linhart – 61st High Individual

Novice Livestock

13 Place Team: Cortlynn Cook, Braeden Thomas, Coby Martin

71st Place Team: Soiyer Smith, Haley Bettin, Jaelyn Gorsline 

Vet Science

11th Place Team: Bly Hunt, Jamie Oesch, Hadley Bell

Dairy Foods 

16th Place Team: Angel Gilliam, Izzy Carcamo, Mili Waugh, Megan Young

Soil Judging

11th Place Team: Abby Leahy, Jeffrey Richards, Makenna Perkins, Wade Hill

13th Place Team: Anden Hall, Quinn Kernen, Carson Scrivner, Cord Hamilton 

20th Place Team: Kelly Parsons, Lane Leeper, AJ Moore 

29th Place Team: Cal Buckingham, Addy Stone, Nolan Pierson, Wyatt Hamaker 

Congratulations to the District Soil Judging Team, who will compete at South Central District Soil Judging on Wednesday, September 28: Lane Leeper, AJ Moore, Cord Hamilton, and Anden Hall.