MSHS Seminar Period Allows Student Enrichment, Exploration, and Intervention Time

As many of you may have read about in the Cardinal Crier student newspaper or have heard about from a middle/high school student attending Central Decatur, a new period was added to the schedule this year. Between third and fourth hour, students have twenty-four minutes in which to accomplish a variety of tasks. In this period called Seminar, students can go get help from a teacher, retake a test or quiz, have quiet time to study, learn a new skill, or participate in an extension or enrichment activity. Teachers can pull students who need extra help , but can also offer fun activities to give students a little stress break during the day. Students in Ms. Layton’s class this past week could play cards, participate in a guided meditation, or play silentball (as pictured). Teachers are really enjoying the time to get students caught up as well as having time to get to know students and build relationships outside of class time.