Governor Reynolds and CD Industrial Tech Students Attend Build My Future Event

On Wednesday, April 19th Mr. Wilken’s and Mr. Kistler’s Industrial Tech classes attended the Build my future event. This event is a job fair with nearly 100 employers looking for employees.  Build My Future is a very hands-on experience where students get the opportunity to weld, wire, drive cranes, excavators, meet with employers, participate in competitions, climb with harness, and so much more.   Over 5,400 students attended this event with many more educators, state representatives, business owners, and even Iowa’s Governor, Kim Reynolds.   This opportunity gives our students the chance to talk with employers to see what they are looking for in employees.  It also allows students to start the networking process.  Some students from other schools may have even landed a job offer.  With many signing that day to commit to an apprenticeship program or a trade school program. This event is one of the coolest events we attend.  Be on the lookout on Youtube for this year’s highlight video.  Just search for Build my Future Des Moines, Iowa.  Who knows you may catch a glimpse of a CD student!

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