First Quarter in Art is a Huge Success

First quarter has been a huge success in the high school art room.  All of my high school art students are creating incredible art.  I am highlighting just a few here.  Art 2: Drawing/Ceramics just finished up their Disney Inspired Drawings.  Art 3: 2D Design just completed their Op Art Line Designs using the elements of art including line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space.  Art 4: Advanced Drawing finished their Free Choice Stippling drawing which is all dots.  They have been studying nine different textural methods of rendering (shading techniques).  All three classes’ artwork is on display in the commons now through parent-teacher conferences.  Please check out the following artwork.

Above photo: Back row: Karlee Wasson and Kiley Zion.  Front Row: Breegan Lindsey, Olivia Reed, Bailey Dittmer and Thomas Dirkswager.

WallE by Olivia Reed
Wall-e 9”x 12” matted to 12”x 15” Colored Pencil by sophomore Olivia Reed
Bruni by Breegan Lindsey
Bruni 11”x 14” Colored Pencil by sophomore Breegan Lindsey
Op Art by Karlee Wasson
Op Art Line Design 22”x 28” Colored Pencil by junior Karlee Wasson
Op Art by Kiley Zion
Op Art Line Design 22”x 28” Colored Pencil by senior Kiley Zion
Red Panda by Thomas Dirkswager
Red Panda 9”x 12” matted to 10”x 13” Sharpie Pen by senior Thomas Dirkswager
Deer by Bailey Ditmer
Deer  11”x 14” matted to 12”x 15” Sharpie Pen by junior Bailey Dittmer