2023 Central Decatur Broiler Project Successfully Completed

Story Submitted by Abigail Leahy ’25

The Broiler Project at Central Decatur has been successfully completed for the twelfth time in a row. This year however, the chickens were raised in a new building which was able to be purchased thanks to a GRM Networks grant that sponsored a cooperative effort. The Broiler project was just that! Students taking the Animal Science class worked every day from September 13th to November 8th to clean, feed and care for these Broiler chickens. The Broiler project began with 23 chicks, and for the next 9 weeks they grew until they reached an average weight of 10 pounds! On November 8th, the Animal Science class traveled to Lisa Porter’s house where the chickens were butchered and dressed by the students. The project is completed with the hope of raising healthy chickens that can eventually be sold back to the school lunch program. Overall it was a great project that was successful, educational and very beneficial to both the students and the school lunch program!