Mentoring Program Supports New Teachers

Each year all new teachers are paired with a veteran staff member as a mentor. The goal of this program is to help new-to-the-profession teachers have a support system as they navigate their first years in this profession. For experienced but new-to-the-district teachers, the program is designed to help transition them to our district, sharing our core values and procedures.

This year, lead team members took on the task of leading these meetings. This has allowed more model teachers in our district the opportunity to share their expertise and guide new teacher learning. Currently, Mrs. Bell is leading sessions on classroom management. She is sharing what she has learned in her first three years here. She also models effective strategies for teachers to implement immediately in their classrooms. It is our hope that new teachers not only learn but also that we retain and grow in our profession. We are grateful to have veteran mentors to support new teachers day-to-day, and CD is thankful for lead team teachers who are stepping up to help guide the program.