406.3 Licensed Employee Continued Education Credit

Continued education on the part of licensed employees may entitle them to advancement in compensation.  Licensed employees who have completed additional hours may be considered for advancement.  The board may determine which licensed employees will advance in compensation for continued education keeping in mind the financial condition of the school district, the education and experience of the licensed employee, the educational philosophy of the school district, and any other items deemed relevant by the board.

Licensed employees who wish to obtain additional education for advancement must notify their supervisor during the month of May of the school year preceding the actual year when advancement occurs.  The superintendent has the discretion to approve credit outside the employee’s area of endorsement or responsibility.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation to the board for the advancement of a licensed employee.

Legal Reference:      Iowa Code §§ 20.1, .4, .7, .9; 279.8.

Cross Reference:     405     Licensed Employees – General

                                    406     Licensed Employee Compensation and Benefits

Approved 2/8/2022     Reviewed                    Revised