627 Implementation of Technology Protection Measures Regarding the Use of the District’s Computers, Computer Network Systems and Internet Access

The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe environment for students through the use of technology protection measures (i.e. filtering software) to enhance education in the school district.

The internet is an ever expanding resource that adds large quantities of content on a daily basis. However, some of the content is inappropriate for student use and may even be harmful to students’ health, safety and welfare. Therefore, the school district has determined that it will establish this policy to limit student access to certain undesirable topics, including but not limited to, information and images that are obscene, constitute child pornography or are otherwise harmful to minors. Since it is not feasible for the District to continually monitor the content of the internet, the school district will employ technology protection measures in the form of internet filtering software in an attempt to block access to these types of harmful and inappropriate materials.

The school district’s implementation of internet filtering software does not guarantee that students will be prevented from accessing materials that may be considered inappropriate and/or harmful. However, it is a meaningful effort on the part of the school district to prevent students from accessing inappropriate and/or harmful materials on the internet. The school district makes no guarantee that the filtering software will be available at all times or that the filtering software will block all inappropriate and/or harmful material.

If there is an accessible Uniform Resource Locator [URL] that may be inappropriate, students, staff, and parents may request a review by designated District personnel, by completing an Add URL to Blocked Status form. Upon review, the technology coordinator or other appropriate personnel will make a determination about blocking access to that site. If there is an educationally valuable URL that is blocked, students, staff, and parents may fill out the Remove URL from Blocked Status grievance form. The technology coordinator or other appropriate personnel will review the request and make a determination about unblocking the site.

Staff members may request that the internet filtering software be disabled for bona fide research or other lawful purposes. A bona fide research form will need to be filled out and reviewed by the technology coordinator or other appropriate personnel before the internet filtering software is disabled.