411.8 Classified Employee Probationary Status

The first year of a newly employed classified employee’s contract is a probationary period.  “Day” is defined as one work day regardless of full-time or part-time status of the employee.  New employees, regardless of experience, are subject to this probationary period.

“New” employees includes individuals who are being hired for the first time by the school district and those who may have been employed by the school district in the past, but have not been employed by the board during the school year prior to the one for which contracts are being issued.

Only the board, in its discretion, may waive the probationary period.

Legal Reference:      Iowa Code §§ 20; 279.8.

Cross Reference:     411.3   Classified Employee Contracts

                                    411.7   Classified Employee Evaluation

Approved   2/8/2022                           Reviewed                                             Revised