626 Laptop Computer Policy

The Central Decatur Community School District has laptop computers for its faculty members to use inside and outside of school in order to enhance, enrich, and facilitate teaching and administrative duties as well as school communications. All laptop computers and related equipment are school district property. The use of the District’s laptop computers and related equipment shall be subject to all of the terms and conditions set out in District policy, including the District’s policy on appropriate use of technology, network systems, and internet access.

Prior to using the District’s laptop computers and related equipment, faculty members will sign a Laptop Computer Acceptance Form and agree to all outlined policies before being issued a laptop computer. Faculty members shall not attempt to install software or hardware or change the system configuration, including any network settings, on any District laptop computer without prior consultation with the District’s administration. Faculty members shall not attempt to change or modify in any way any related equipment that they are issued with the District’s laptop computers.

Faculty members shall protect District laptop computers and related equipment from damage and theft. Each faculty member shall be responsible to report any damage to the laptop computer to the technology coordinator so that it may be repaired. Unless the computer was intentionally damaged, the repair costs will be covered by the district. If the laptop is deemed to have been intentionally damaged, which shall include neglect, the faculty member shall be responsible for any damage/loss to the laptop computer and related equipment or the computer’s hardware and/or software, including labor costs. Faculty members who choose to store school data, such as lesson plans, grades, tests or exams, on District laptop computers are required to backup this data on the District’s network as a safety precaution against data loss. If there is data loss due to equipment failure, the faculty member will bear all costs to retrieve that data, if retrieval is possible.

Laptop Computer Acceptance Form