718 Operation of Buses During Inclement Weather

Buses owned and operated by the school district will not operate when weather conditions due to fog, rain, snow, ice or other natural elements make such operation unsafe. Because weather conditions may vary throughout the district and may change quickly, the best judgment will be used that is possible with the information available.

The final judgment as to when conditions are unsafe to operate will be made by the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee.

Commercial radio, television, web site and/or automated phone service will be used to notify employees and students when school is cancelled or temporarily delayed.

When, in the judgment of the bus driver, weather conditions are so poor as to present a hazard when loading or unloading students, the driver will radio the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee for instructions. If radio contact is not possible, the driver will proceed to the next stop which does not present a hazard and make telephone contact personally, with the assistance of a student rider, monitor or other person.