405.5 Licensed Employee Work Day

The work day for licensed employees will begin each day of the school year at a time established by the superintendent.  Licensed employees who are employed only during the academic year will have the same work day as other licensed employees.  “Day” is defined as one work day regardless of full-time or part-time status of an employee.

Licensed employees are to be in their assigned school building during the work day.  Advance approval to be absent from the school building must be obtained from the principal whenever the licensed employees must leave the school building during the work day.

The building principal is authorized to make changes in the work day in order to facilitate the education program.  These changes are reported to the superintendent.

The work day outlined in this policy is a minimum work day.  Nothing in this policy prohibits licensed employees from working additional hours outside the work day.

Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 20; 279.8.

Cross Reference:         200.2   Powers of the Board of Directors

Approved 2/8/2022     Reviewed                    Revised