212 School Attorney

The Board of Directors will annually appoint legal counsel to represent the corporation and to advise the Board on legal matters. Counsel will attend regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors when requested to do so, and will be available for consultation as needed.

Because it is often necessary to consult legal counsel and receive its expert opinion as part of background information to be used by the Board of Directors in making decisions, and because at times the school district may be involved in litigation or other legal matters, the Superintendent, Board President and the District Secretary are authorized to seek counsel’s services as needed. However, the Board of Directors wishes to be kept informed of legal matters that are other than routine, and of legal services that may involve extraordinary expense to the district.

Individual Board members are expected to consult school legal counsel only when the full Board of Directors has given permission for such consultation. Otherwise, the Board member will be expected to pay any legal fees that may result.