806 Warning System and Emergency Plans

The school district shall maintain a warning system designed to inform students, employees, and visitors in the facilities of an emergency. The system shall be maintained on a regular basis under the maintenance plan for the school district buildings and sites. Students shall be informed of this system. Each classroom and office shall have a plan for helping those in need of assistance to safety during an emergency. This shall include, but not be limited to students and employees with disabilities. Licensed employees shall be responsible for instructing students on the proper techniques to be followed during an emergency.

Iowa law requires that all public and accredited nonpublic schools develop and maintain a high-quality emergency operations plan.  Records containing district security procedures and/or emergency preparedness information are considered confidential records under Iowa Code Section 22.7, if disclosure could reasonably be expected to jeapordize students, employees, visitors, systems, or property.  The records or class of records which are covered by this Iowa Code provision include, but are not limited to, records containing information directly related to vulnerability assessments; information relating to security measures; emergency response protocols; security codes and combinations, passwords, keys, and records containing information that, if disclosed, would significantly increase the vulnerability of attack to the critical systems or infrastructures of the district.

The board requires that at least once per school year, an emergency operations drill based on the emergency operations plan be conducted in each individual school building in which students are educated.  The plan shall determine which staff and students are involved in the drill, the nature of the drill, and shall identify procedures for scool personnel, parents, and guardians to report possible threats to the safety of students or school personnel on school grounds or at school activities.

The board and authorities shall annually review the security plan and procedures as required by Iowa law.