414 Classified Employee Professional Purposes Leave

Professional purposes leave may be granted to classified employees for the purpose of attending meetings and conferences directly related to their assignments.  Application for the leave must be presented to the building principal or supervisor five (5) days prior to the meeting or conference.

It is within the discretion of the building principal or supervisor to grant professional purposes leave.  The leave may be denied on the day before or after a vacation or holiday, on special days when services are needed, when it would cause undue interruption of the education program and school district operations, or for other reasons deemed relevant by the superintendent.

Legal Reference:      Iowa Code § 279.8

                                    281 I.A.C. 12.7.

Cross Reference:     411      Classified Employees – General

                                   408.1   Classified Employee Professional Development

Approved  2/8/2022    Reviewed                    Revised