501.6 Students Transfers In

Students who transfer into the school district must meet the immunization and age requirements set out for students who initially enroll in the school district.

The school district will request the student’s cumulative records from the previous school district.  If the student cannot offer proof of grade level, the superintendent will make the grade level determination.  The superintendent may require testing or other information to determine the grade level.  Students expelled or suspended from their previous school district will only be enrolled after approval of the board.

The superintendent will determine the amount of credits to be transferred.  If the student has not previously attended an accredited school, it is within the superintendent’s discretion to accept or reject credits or grades.

The board may deny admission if the student is not willing to provide the board with the necessary information.

Legal Reference:       20 U.S.C. § 1232g.

                                    Iowa Code §§ 139A.8; 282.1, .3, .4; 299A.

Cross Reference:     501      Student Attendance

                                    505.3   Student Honors and Awards

                                    507      Student Health and Well-Being

                                    604.1   Competent Private Instruction

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