405.9 Licensed Employee Probationary Status

The first three consecutive years of a licensed employee’s contract is a probationary period unless the employee has already successfully completed the probationary period in an Iowa school district.  New employees who have successfully completed a probationary period in a previous Iowa school district will serve a two year probationary period.  For purposes of this policy, an employee will have met the requirements for successfully completing a probationary period in another Iowa school district if, at the teacher’s most recent performance evaluation, the teacher received at least a satisfactory or better evaluation and the individual has not engaged in conduct which would disqualify the teacher for a continuing contract.  

Only the board, in its discretion, may waive the probationary period.  The board may extend the probationary period for one additional year with the consent of the licensed employee.  The board will make the decision to extend or waive a licensed employee’s probationary status based upon the superintendent’s recommendation.  During this probationary period the board may terminate the licensed employee’s contract at the end of the year without cause or immediately discharge the employee consistent with applicable law and board policies.

Legal Reference:      Iowa Code § 279.

Cross Reference:     405.4   Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts

                                    405.8     Licensed Employee Evaluation

Approved  2/8/2022    Reviewed                    Revised